So you might be thinking “why should we work with you?”

Quite frankly, we’re not right for everyone. Below you can learn more about what makes us unique and understand if our values align with yours 😃

Poconos Specialists!

There are many nuances about the Poconos that your property manager needs to understand, including seasonality, local events, biggest attractions, registering with communities, and much more. We’re local and in-tune with the landscape, allowing us to price and manage your home effectively!

Limited Clients!

We believe Less is More, and we're not always taking on new clients. When we are, it's when we know our team can support the additional workload. We are very involved property managers and we know our limitations :)

Rentals Only!

Many other local property management providers are primarily realtors and lightly manage properties on the side. However, we’re pure players, only focusing on short-term vacation rentals and giving you (and your guests) our full attention 😀

More Money

That's why we're here, right? First of all, we're very much your New Age property managers, most specifically because we use Data/Technology as the crux of everything that we do. Long gone are the days where guests would drive 100 miles to the Poconos, ask "what homes do you have Mr. Realtor", and pick from the 3 options provided. Now, guests first stop is Airbnb or VRBO, and the name of the game is showing up at the top of those search results. The higher you rank --> more eyeballs --> more bookings --> more money. And in order to get you to that more money end result, we need to use Data/Technology and follow industry best practices.

PRM loop
An overly simplistic view

How does Airbnb/VRBO rank their homes? In short, it's based on an algorithm and while they don't divulge exactly how it works, we have a pretty good idea. At the center of it, Airbnb/VRBO want their guests to be happy, because if they're happy the guests will return to their booking platform and book again! So in order to ensure a guests will be happy, they want to put their happy-maker-houses at the top! This might include hosts that have good reviews, have been at it for 5 years, answers to guests quickly, filled out all the listing information in the profile, manage multiple homes, and reasonably anything else that intuitively makes sense.

This is where we step in! We take a multi-pronged approach to improving your properties rank, including:

  • Dedicated Guest Relations team to answer inquiries and guest questions (immediately!)
  • Follow-up messaging to encourage positive reviews
  • Conflict resolution to deter negative reviews
  • Updating text and listing pictures frequently
  • Calendar management so we’re never double booked

...and much (much) more!

Less Work

We are a local agency, allowing us to be physically present when managing your rental property, and also understanding the in's and out's of the landscape.

Once again, by using technology (shocker!) we’re able to respond to rental inquiries, help current guests, organize cleaners, encourage positive reviews, upload listing pictures and distribute payments to pertinent parties.

We’re also your boots-on-the-ground to make sure everything is going swimmingly with your house, keeping up on the upkeep and maintenance. Unfortunately, not every renter is an exemplary citizen, but we do everything we can to make sure we’re renting to the right people and fixing any accidents that may happen.

We want you to visit your vacation home for... vacation! You're likely only up for a weekend, and you shouldn't be spending it working 😤 You should spend it by being closer to your family, trying out a new winery or just general vacation-ing :)