PRM's Owner's Guide!

Welcome! You're in the right place. Here, we will provide you all the pertinent information on what you need to know before working with us 😀

Steps for Setting Up the Home : Here we cover everything from initial introductions to ongoing management duties.

Protection We dive in to details around insurance, security deposits, rental contracts, Renter Screening, and more!

Home Registration and Taxes: In order for us to rent your home, we need to make sure you are registered with the proper entities (we cannot do this on your behalf). Please read and familiarize yourself!

Owner Statements : Here we have an explainer video (and graphic) on how you can view your Owner Statement and track your finances!

PRM Pricing Strategy As you are probably already aware, we take a heavy-handed approach to pricing by using dynamic pricing rules and tools. Learn more!

Coming Soon...

  • What to Buy?
  • Costs