Our Story

Our Mantras - We have two mantras (is that allowed?!)

  • To make owning a 2nd home an affordable reality for our clients (more money!)
  • Owning a 2nd home shouldn't be a 2nd job (less work!)

Our Philosophy - We treat your home the same way we treat our own! We understand how important it is to off-set mortgage payments/expenses (and even cash-flow positively!) because we’re in that same boat. We view you as an extension of our own family and we hope to work with you in the future πŸ˜ƒ

Origin Story

Pocono Rental Management was born out of necessity when Dave and his family purchased their first short-term rental home in the Poconos back in the Fall of 2019. We had always dreamed of owning a 2nd home and, for obvious reasons, weren't sure if we could afford it. We looked at a ton of options finally fell in love with the home riiiight on the outside of our budget. We considered using a property manager, but didn't get the impression that we would get enough of their attention (which we learned were all realtors, more interested in buying/selling homes than managing them).

It was a tough decision, but we took the leap and Dave began self-managing the family's new short-term rental. It was exciting, but not completely novel, as Dave got a taste of the hospitality bug back in 2014 when he rented out his Philadelphia Apartment. At this time, Dave's 9-5 was working in Digital Advertising, so he used many of these skills to help market the home. it was a success! Things were going well but Dave quickly realized that between answering guests, cleaning the home, fixing/repairing items, managing pricing and much more, that this was a full-time job, and thus Pocono Rental Management was born! Dave left the digital advertising world, began offering his services to others, and never looked back πŸ˜€

Here at PRM, we understand the needs of homeowners in the area because we are homeowners in the area! We take a hands-on, high-touch approach to managing your property, increasing its earning potential and taking all the work off your hands. Dave still makes the drive weekly, onboarding new clients, checking in on current ones, meeting with team members, and make sure he's viewing your home as one of his own. We're in this together :)

Meet the Team!

Teamwork makes the dream work ✨ Managing properties is a lot of work, and requires a lot of differing skillsets, so here at PRM we have a few different sub-teams within the broader overall team. Learn more about us here!

Vacation Rental Managers Team

(VRM for short) This is our account management team, and as an owner they will be your primary point-of-contact. In effect, they're the central nervous system of the operation. They're not the team that's available in person, but they are the team that dispatches the right individuals, as well as making sure your listing is performing above standards. Cleaning/Maintenance scheduling, pricing checks, ordering materials, listing optimization, reviewing reviews, the list goes on! They're the hands-on-the-keyboard team and your primary point-of-contact πŸ˜€

Jenn - Jenn joined PRM in 2022, bringing with her Customer Service chops as well as a can-do attitude! She grew up in a family that worked in general contracting, and she uses that skillset when working internally with the Maintenance Team.

Micah - Micah came to PRM with a deep background in hospitality, and has been invaluable towards our growth since joining the team back in 2020. She oversees the Guest Relations team (below) as well as maintaining her capacities as a VRM.

Guest Relations Team

You guessed it, the Guest Relations team is responsible for conversing with the guests! This ranges from pre-booking questions to post-stay reviews. They are available and ready to go from 9a to 9p, 7 days a week, to ensure we are answering any guest questions (and inquiries) in a quick and timely fashion. They sit out of the Philippines but work east-coast hours and are property trained to ensure they know how to answer home-specific questions,

Micah - yes, this is the same Micah πŸ˜€ She oversees the Guest Relations team as well as excelling in her responsibilities as a VRM (she's the best!).

Marcel - Marcel's responsibilities are early in the week, where she is not only responsible for guest questions and inquiries but also in registering guests so there's no issues with guest check-in's.

Tet - Tet's responsibilities are later in the week, where she is primarily responsible for the guests in-home experience. While she is available to answer any new inquiries, most of her time and energy is focused on making sure the guests have as pleasant an experience as they can during their stay.

Maintenance Team

The Maintenance Team is much more than just maintenance and oversees all in-person capacities that are non-cleaning. This may include spotting damage, replacing propane, coordinating contractors, restocking welcome gifts, picking up guest packets, and more!

Kevin - Kevin leads our Maintenance Team and has been with PRM since October of 2020. He does it all, and hands-on manages most of our homes on the western-end of the Poconos.

Andrew - Andrew joined PRM in 2022 and has been a most welcome addition! He hands-on manages our homes farther east and came to us with a vast array of knowledge to help improve our overall offering.

Cleaning Team

We have our own in-house cleaning team to make sure your home is property tended to. While you do not need to use our cleaning services, over 95% of our clients do as we're able to control more of the process (we've had outside cleaners in the past tell us they "don't clean windows". This was obviously a problem).

Kailey - Kailey joined PRM in 2021 and quickly rose to the challenge and now leads the team! We're convinced there's more than one of her, and has been instrumental in ensuring our guest experiences are top-notch!

Amy - Amy's attention to detail is second to none and has been nothing short of wonder-woman since joining the team. She loves to meet owners, learning more about their preferences and ensuring a immaculate standard from Day One.

Skyler - Skyler is our newest addition and got a "baptism by fire" joining in the middle of our Summer busy season. And she didn't miss a beat! She comes from a cleaning background and was able to jump in and make an impact from day one.

And then there's Dave

Hi, that's me πŸ‘‹ Dave has done everything above and then some. As we've grown as a business, Dave has been fortunate enough to bring on great team members to help take care day to day, but stays close to the day to day happenings to ensure high quality is being met.